Arab Digital Expression Camps 2019



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Participate in a unique experience and discover new ways to express your ideas and dreams using technology and arts. ADEF camps give young girls and boys from different Arab countries the chance to meet, make new friendships and learn new skills in a fun and encouraging atmosphere that fosters new experiences and discovering new abilities within yourself by having different workshops of sound, video, music, theatre and dance, handicrafts, sports and making.

We are pleased to announce the 2019 call for participation in ADEF camps for youth aged 12-15. The camp duration is 15 days of fun and learning and is taking place in Egypt this year. The camp will take place from July 20 to August 3, 2019, in Motel King Maryout in Alexandria, Egypt.


Deadline for application:

* 15th of June 2019 for participants applying from outside of Egypt

* 29th of June 2019 for participants living in Egypt



The first two days of the camp, the campers get introduced to all tracks and trainers by attending introductory workshops for each track.

The campers will participate in 38 workshops from 8 different tracks throughout the two-week period. Those include:

  • Handicrafts: the principles of using and mixing different colours, graffiti and sculpting. Merging handicrafts and digital arts by using programs for photo editing and some coding.
  • Theatre: Principles of acting and performing and theatre directing.


    • Sound and Music: sound effects; how to use sound equipment and introduction to sound production; Djing and Vjing skills; using the body and different instruments to make sounds.
    • Making: principles of electricity and electronics and simple electrical circuits (Arduino, raspberry pies),  concepts of alternative energy and how to generate power from natural resources like sun and wind, and how to save power and reuse it.
    • Video: writing scripts, filming, editing, visual effects, and principles of sound engineering in movies.
    • Sports: football, volleyball, basketball, water polo, swimming, bow and arrow, and different rhythm exercises in addition to a small trip.
    • Dance: expressing yourself in movement and music by getting to know different dance techniques such as contemporary dance, Hip hop, Dabke, and dance choreography.

    • Coding will be included in all of our tracks, in addition to the use of Open source programs and software.


    • Participants will also take part in the following activities:

    A day trip to the heavenly beach of Marsa Matrouh

    Designed night activities such as costume party, game nights, karaoke, DJing and dancing

    Visits by talented artists from Egypt and the Arab world

    Organizing Team

    Ranwa Yehia - ADEF Chairperson
    Ranwa Yehia is the co-founder and chairperson of the Arab Digital Expression Foundation (ADEF), which started in 2005 with a mission to explore and develop alternative education methodologies and knowledge production for and by Arab youth, using open source concepts and tools. A key project she conceived with ADEF is the Arab Digital Expression Camps, an annual experiential co-learning camp for Arab youth, developed and implemented in collaboration with young techies, artists, journalists and researchers in the region. Yehia is a single mother of two and parent of three boys. A mother of a child on the spectrum, Yehia has been active in the autism community in Egypt and her mission this year is to start a pilot project to integrate youth with autism who are interested in technology in the summer camps.
    Raafat Bayoumi - Camp Manager
    How beautiful is it to have a family that grows with you every year, a family where members grow up from being campers to becoming your colleagues. From 2013 until 2018 I have been a part of ADEF’s family as a contemporary dance trainer. I consider this experience as a life-changing experience that I look forward to it every year. This year I will be the camp manager. It is a new role for me, however I feel it is the chance I was waiting for to be able to participate in different workshops with the campers. My professional background is in theatre and dance as I finished my BA studies in theatre studies in 2005, I participated in many works in cinema and TV, I also participated in many theatres plays in Europe and the Arab world, in parallel to my work as a dance and acting trainer for youth and kids.
    Dalia Naous - Depty Manager
    Hello, I am Dalia and I am the Deputy Camp Manager. In two words, my work consists on doing the connection between the camp’s management team, the trainers, the team leaders and the campers. I like to define my role as the Happiness Manager: I make sure that everyone is happy and enjoying the camps to the max. The most difficult question to answer for me is: what do you do in life! Well I am a professional dancer and actress but I am also passionate about photography, sewing, cooking, psychology, music and try my best to find time to practice all that. I am a playful person that loves to travel and meet new people. This is my third year participating in the camps but my friendship with ADEF’s family started 10 years ago. After my last participation in the camps, I had this urge to have a baby so he/she grows up and experience a lot of exciting things like ADEF’s camps. Guess what? That’s what happened! I am today a mother of a 2 years and half healthy little boy who will participate for the first time in the camps and he will be the youngest camper ! I am sure that everyone will take good care of him and that he will learn a lot!! Can’t wait to meet you all.
    Amina Allam - Operations Manager
    Amina Allam, 22, Egypt. She was 12 when she first took part as a camper in ADEF 2009 round. This year will be the 13th year of her participation developing into numerous roles camper to group leader to assistant to the leaders’ supervisors. She then developed her role as group leader supervisor and worked one year as camp admin. During all these years Amina also engaged with the camp administration and logistics team. In the years she was in Film School in London, she also studied child educational pedagogy and was mentored by an expert child psychologist. She designed the training program for leaders and also trained camp team on working with teenagers. By profession, Amina is now in the film production industry in Egypt and has produced several films, music video and advertisements. This year, Amina one of three core team members of the camp. Amina waits for the camp every summer with the same excitement. She continues to discover herself and what she has the passion for in the camps. She says that the most precious thing in this whole experience is the big family she has who are living around the world and the best friends that will stay forever.
    Sanaa Seif - Content Manager
    Sanaa first discovered her interest in Filmmaking when she was 14 when she participated in Arab Digital Expression Camps 2008 since then her relationship with ADEF kept growing year by year; Group Leader, Assistant Trainer, Main Trainer and now she became part of the core team as Program Coordinator. She is well-versed in video editing, film production and visual design and has critical knowledge of digital tools.
    Noha Fawzy - Administrator
    My name is Noha Fawzy from Egypt, I will be the administrative coordinator for this year’s camp. I studied tourism and I love nature and I love to travel and to colour, and food is the most important thing in my life, I enjoy meditation in life as it calls me down and fils me with gratitude. My journey in development has started since I was 7 years old when I was a camper, and from the of 16 I volunteered with children and youth, I was also an animation trainer and had graduated from NAS school for street social theatre, and since then I have been training theatre, yoga, and contemporary dance. I enjoyed that experience and learned a lot from the challenges I faced there. After that, I worked with Alwan o Awtar as a coordinator for the Arts program, after I graduated I worked in different things and discovered that I love the art field. This is the first time I will be working in an administrative role in ADEF camps, I’m very excited and very passionate to go through this experience and to learn from all of your experiences and hear all the old camp stories. Waiting for the tales to begin :)
    Farah Djabi - Assistant Admin
    My name is Farah Djabi, I am 20 years old from Algeria. I first joined ADEF camps in 2014 and 2015 as a camper, and later as a leader for three years in a row, this year will be different and exciting for me because I will have a different role by working with the administrative team.ADEF camps was one of the best experiences I've ever had in my life that helped me discover myself, my personality and my interests ,however the most important thing about the camp is the people, friends and large family we become part of. Everyone has to share and live this experience at least for once.
    Ahmad Yehia (Tofa7a) - Logistics Officer
    I am a cinema production manager by profession. I love this kind of work not an office job. The camps is, in this way, very similar to my work and I love working with children and I love everyone to work comfortably. This is my first year at the camps but I hope not the last. I believe in collaborative work and feeling that we collectively accomplished something. It feels like family.
    Ahmed Yakout - Assistant Logistics Officer
    I’m Ahmed Yakout 22 years old a BIS Student, I love business, gaming and football, In 2010 I heard about ADEF summer camps and how great it is but I missed the participation window and by 2011 the revolution and the unstable country I was determined to join that year and I did, I discovered a whole new world and whole new people you can only find in special places like ADEC, I learned so much about media art and technology and a lot about myself and what I want, on the last a day every single camper was crying as it was time to leave this place, so I returned in 2012 at that year ADEC was in Tunisia and no words can describe how perfect was especially the trip and the people I met and the amount of experience I gained, so in 2014, I joined as part of the team leaders not just camper as I really wanted to help to make this place bigger and better and here I am today 9 years after 2010 still wanting to continue with these great people and project to give the campers the great time I had before.
    Dina Sabry - Group Leaders Coordinator
    I am Dina Sabry, Graduating senior at the American University in Cairo. I love dancing, Music and the sky at night. It all started when I attended my first ADEF Camp in 2009, I’m so lucky to be part of ADEF family where I’m able to grow from year to year. I started as a camper, then admin, then camp coordinator and this year will be supervising the leaders like last year. I’m happy with my role because it is so fun. I’m also happy because I will be working with the leaders and I will meet new campers and Live with them for two weeks and share this lovely experience with them.
    Zeinab SeifelDine - Nurse
    Chief Nurse at Qasr elAiny Hopsital and Primary assistant in operation, specialized in surgery. Graduated from Qasr elAiny and teaches nursing for students, application not only theoretical. Trains students and nurses advancing to surgery. Born in Asyut, Upper Egypt.
    TBA - Technical Officer
    Mahmoud Mahdy - Documentation Officer
    Tarek Bashashe - Consultant
    متمرس في تدريب منهجيات تربوية بديلة من خلال المسرح. عمل لسنين طويلة مع الفتية والشباب وشارك كمدرب مسرح في معسكرات أضف منذ ٢٠١٠. يشارك هذه السنة في نقل المعرفة والتدريب لفريق المعسكرات كله.



    Haneen Tarek
    I first came to ADEF camps in 2015 as a member of Danzone Studio where we trained and performed hip hop, break dance and contemporary dance with campers. I became fascinated by the camp and in 2016 and 2017 I worked as the logistics officer. This year I am finally ready to be a dance trainer and I’m very excited about this.
    Nowwar Salem
    Hello, my name is Nowwar Salem, I’m 22 years old from Palestine. I like to dance, listen to music and eat. I started dancing dabke since i was very young in sereyyet ramallah dance group, and started dancing contemporary dance 6 years ago. I also studied for 6 months in the national dance academy in Rome and took part in different dance performances. I’ve been teaching contemporary dance and dabke in sereyyet ramallah dance school for 4 years, for children of age 9-14 years old. First time I participated in ADEF camps was in 2010 and I haven’t left them alone since then. I went around in different roles throughout the camps; I was a camper for two years and camp leader for another two. I was also a coordinator for the leaders, and later on helped a bit in the administration. This year I will be training dance and it will be my first time as a trainer in the camps. I’m very excited to be doing what I love, in a place which is like home to me, with people who are my family.


    Ahmad Gomaa
    Sports is as much a body thing as it is a mind thing! I will play the mind and campers will be the brain and muscles. Sports at camps is very different, fun and lots of experimentation and laughter. This is my 13th year at the camp. I've learned so much from it. We try to work on expressing ourselves through our bodies. I am a very lound bustling person, so be warned!


    Laila Abdelhady
    I am Laila from Egypt. I am 30. I studied Spanish Literature, graduating in 2006. I worked in tourism for 5 years before I move to working with children as a storyteller. I love cinema, dance, music and storytelling. This is my second time to train at ADEF camps.


    Mostafa Hazine
    I worked in drama with children for over 15 years now. This will be my first experience with ADEF and from what I have heard so far this promises to be a very great adventure. My passion is pantomime and clowning.

    Sound and Music

    Sama Abdulhady
    This is my third year as a sound trainer. Every year I train the campers open my eyes more to understanding life. The camp experience is one that has changed my life hugely. It is much bigger than workshops, it is a family that grows every year. I am lucky I am part of this family.
    Jawad Chaaban
    In ADEF's first even camps in 2007, I co-developed the sound and music curriculum and trained it. Twelve years later, I am back here again, because I miss the spirit, because working with children is an absolute joy and because I love to play with sound.


    Mohammad Magdy
    Makers is a very important part of why I am so immersed in the world of technology, open source software and digital security. Just like I love helping people in their technical projects I love working with campers on projects where they build technical programs and learn as they do so.


    Muhammad Mustapha
    I am Muhammad Mustapha. This is my second year as a video trainer in the camp. Since I was 17, I work in writing, directing, cinematography, editing and whatever needed to make films. Films doesn't only help me to express what is inside but also to discover it as well.
    Salina Abaza
    I came as a video trainer in ADEF in 2011 and this is my second time back. I am very excited to work on all visual representations of image, moving or otherwise.

    Arts and Crafts

    Omar Ahmad Zeftawi
    This is my fourth year at the camps. I simply adore the campers. We love playing and splashing with colors and technology.
    Youssef Bagato
    I love doing anything with my hands. This is my first year as a trainer and I am very excited because I have heard about the camps for many years now.

    Group Leaders

    group leader
    هلا أنا مريم لطفي و عندى 17 سنة من مصر بحب الرياضة و اللعب بالدواير الكهربية وشكل الشمس وقت للغروب شاركت في معسكرات أضف 2016 و2017 كمعسكرة و في 2018 كرائدة أسرة ودى رابع سنة ليا في المعسكر . اضف ساعدتنى جدا اتعرف علي شغفى والحاجات اللي بحب اعملها وبقوا عليتي التانية3> دورى في المعسكر مهم لانه بيربط بين الادارة والمعسكرين و بيساعد المعسكرين علي انهم يقضوا تجربة حلوة في المعسكر يالا يا حلوين مستنايكم !
    group leader
    اسمي زينة صباغ من فلسطين، رحت على مخيم أضف قبل سنتين كمخيمة وهاي التجربة كتير مهمة لي و بحب اشارك المخيمين بالحصول على التجربة الرائعة الي انا جربتها..كان آهم شي في هاي التجربة اني تعرفت على كثير ناس من الوطن العربي ،كان اول مرة بتعرف علي اصدقاء وصديقات من الدول العربية وهذا بالنسبة اللي كثير مهم كفلسطينية. بحب القراءة كثيروعمل افلام والتصوير والمنتجة وبحب كثير عمل نقاشات وحوار للمواضيع الجدلية سواء النسوية او الوطنية او المواضيع الفلسفية. وعندي قطة كتير بحبها،و بحب مشاهدة افلام، كتير متحمسة اشوف كل المخيمين و اكون مشاركة معهم و اتعرف عليهم .في كتير اشياء ممتعة راح نعملها مع بعض ونتسلى مع بعض ، و بحس كتير مهم نكون فريق عشان نوفر تجربة حلوة للمخيمين، و نكون كلنا صحاب .كمان كتير مهم من دوري ان اتحمل المسؤولية و ان نتعرف على الرأي الاخر و احترام الاختلاف عشان يكون عنا تجربة حلوة و يخلق تفاهم اكبر وهيك .
    group leader
    group leader
    مرحبا، انا اسمي لؤي الهندي و رح أكون رائد أسرة في معسكر سنة ٢٠١٩. أنا فلسطيني، عمري ١٧ سنة و عايش في مدينة رام الله في الضفة الغربية . أنا انولدت بغزة و اتربيت في رام الله، مواهبي بتتعدد ما بين الرقص المعاصر، الدبكة، الموسيقى، و غيرها. و أنا كتير متحمس و متشوق اني عندي الفرصة أشارك في معسكر هاي السنة. أنا راح أكون بساعد المعسكرين و المعسكرات في التعبير عن نفسهم من خلال الوسائل اللي بتوفرها أضف. و برأيي هاي الوسائل المتوفرة بتجعل أضف أحد أهم المعسكرات العربية، لانها بتسمح للطفل أنو يستكشف مواهبو و قدراتو في مجالات مختلفة و متعددة. و شاركت بأضف في العامين ٢٠١٦ و ٢٠١٧ ، و في هدول السنتين تعلمت كتير أشياء عن حالي من خلال أضف، فمثلاً، منها استكشفت عشقي للرقص المعاصر و المسرح من خلال الورش المتعددة اللي بتقوم بتقديمها أضف من خلال معسكراتها. كثير متحمس أني رح أكون رائد أسرة السنة عشان حاقدر أنظم و أرتب جهات عدة من المعسكر و أخلي التجارب إشي يسمتع في المشاركين من المعسكرين و المعسكرات المختلفين. غير هيك، الكم الهائل من تنوع الجنسيات العربية في أضف بخلي التجربة مميزة بشكل مش طبيعي. هذا النوع من التنوع بصنع فرص لسماع الرأي الآخر و التعرض اليه، اللي بدفعنا كلنا للتفكير بوضعنا كمجتمع عربي او عالمي. برضو، معسكرات أضف بتسمح للمشاركين بتكوين صداقات و علاقات بتدوم عمر كامل، و هذا بجعل التجربة مية مرة أحلى. انا بشوف انو الفرصة في المشاركة بأضف بأي شكل من الأشكال هي فرصة رائعة و مميزة و مش قادر استنى اشوفكم و اتعرف عليكم هاد الصيف. طولت عليكم، يلا باي.
    group leader
    انا علي اسماعيل من لبنان،من لبايا البقاع الغربي،عمري 17 سنه و انا الولد الوحيد بالاسره على 3 بنات.في آخر سنه مدرسه فايت فرع علوم عامه و بحب الرياضيات و الفزياء بحسهم من العلوم لدايما صادقه.و حقدم على جامعه في الهندسه(هندسه كهرباء).بحب الرياضه في مختلف مجالتها كنت مشترك في نادي بس عشان الدراسه اطريت اترك.بحب التعرف على الناس و اعمل صحاب جداد،وعشان كده قدمت على مخيم اضف،بالاضافه انو بحب التكنولوجيا و الموسيقه و التمثيل،يعني في اختصار لقيت حالي في اضف.يعني اذا حبيت احكي عن نفسي اضف ياخد جزء كبير من الحاديث.باختصار اضف عمل فيني نفله نوعيه،مثلا قبل ما روح المخيم كنت متعصب على حاجات منهم الهوس في السلاح،لكن بعد المشاركه صرت مهووس في الرقص مثلا.غير كدا بحب الاستكشاف و مساعده الثاني على توصيل الفكره و اهم شي في هذا المجال اني بنقبل الاخر كتير.و حتى بنسجم بالحديث و بصير بتكلم اللغه لبيتكلمها،لدىجه انو السنه الماضيه افتكروني مصري.
    group leader
    أسمي مهتدي :) 16 سنة .. من مصر .. شاركت في معسكرات اضف مرتين ( 2016 - 2018 ) .. مقدرش اوصف نفسي لان الوصف بيختلف علي حسب حاجات كتير و لكن من الحاجات اللي اعتقد ان هي مش بتتغير هي اني هادي جدا .. بحب المناقشات في اي موضوع ايا كان .. مبحبش احكم علي حد من خلال اي حاجة هو بيعملها او اي عقيدة هو متبعها .. بكره العنصرية جدا .. و بالنسبة لدوري في المعسكر كرائد أسرة ف هو هيكون زي اللي شوفتو من رواد الأسر في السنتين اللي رحتهم و هو اللي بأختصار بيكون زي Guide للمعسكرين في الاسبوع الاول لحد ما يبدأو يتأقلمو مع الموضوع و مع المكان و مع الناس اهم حاجة و بعد اول اسبوع مثلا بيبدأ الموضوع يكون أسهل لرواد الأسر لان المعسكرين بيكونو فهمو المعسكر ماشي ازاي و خدوا علي الناس و علي المكان و لكن دا مش معناه ان دوره بينتهي هنا أكيد .. و لكن رائد الاسرة بيفضل موجود عمتا لتقديم المساعدة لأي حد و العلاقة مبتكونش ليدر و معسكر أو مدرس و طالب هي بتبقي علاقة صحاب عادية جدا و كمان تقارب الأعمار بين رواد الأسر و المعسكرين بيساعد علي دا لان الاختلاف بينهم بيكون قليل جدا دا غير ان فيه ليدرز بيكونو معسكرين من قبلها ف بيكونو صحابنا فعلا "D و لكن الجزأ دا مهم لانه مش المفروض يحسس المعسكرين انهم طلبة عنده و في نفس الوقت لازم يستوعبو ان فيه rules معينة في المعسكر لازم تتبع علشاننا كلنا في المعسكر مش عشان الليدرز و بس ..


    • ADEF camps 2019 will be held in Motel King Maryout near  Alexandria - Egypt.
    • The location includes the following facilities:
    • Workshop halls for theatre and dance workshops
    • Three Computer labs
    • Hotel rooms
    • Green areas for sports
    • Swimming pool

    Near the King Maryout Lake (20 minutes away from the camp’s location)

    • Has free spaces for different activities and is completely private to the camp's activities.
    • Three hours from Cairo
    • Address: 5 Al- Faraaneh street, at the intersection of Burj al- Arab road, King Maryout, Alexandria, Egypt
    • 25 minutes away (18 kilometres) from Borg El Arab International Airport.
    • The weather will moderate hot and the location is surrounded by a green area. The weather is expected to be between 28-35 C in July 2019.
    • 25 minutes away from Mabaret Al-Asafra Hospital.

    The camp costs are covered by campers paying full fees as well as donations to the organisation. The camp fees cover the costs of the camp as well as full and partial scholarships for those who cannot afford to attend.  

    We encourage Arab youth in Egypt and the rest of the Arab world to apply to take part in this unique experience. We offer the space for applying for full or partial scholarships. The selection of the participants is according to several criteria:

    • An equal number of girls and boys. The total number of campers at the camp is 66
    • The diversity of nationalities from the Arab world and both cities and governorates outside the capital
    • Participants who are able to pay full participation fees will constitute 30% of all participants.


    Every year we aim to offer full or partial scholarships for 70% of the youth who are unable to participate in the camp by the contribution of our friends and partners either as individuals or organizations who believe in the responsibility of the people and organizations to develop knowledge in our Arab societies. Our aim is to have collaborative funding and support from every parent in the Arab world who aspire for a wholesome and critical education of their children and want to actively contribute to their society by helping other parents who are unable to cover the full camp fees. We invite you all to contribute with us and share this experience by supporting as many participants as possible from all around the Arab world.  


    • The fees for the participants outside Egypt is 1300$ not including flight tickets.
    • The fees for participants in Egypt is 20,000 EGP.
    • Applying for a full or partial scholarship is open to everybody, with the condition that participants applying are curious and keen to learn the tracks offered and are not able financially to pay the full amount of the camp fees.
    • Participants who pay the full amount contribute to the continuity of ADEF camps and help support more scholarships.
    • Please make it clear in the application if you want a full or partial scholarship.


    10% discount:

    • In case two siblings apply to the camp.
    • In case you have a brother or sister who was a camper in previous years
    • In case you’re an employer who is paying for your employee's children  
    • In case you pay the full amount within a month from the start of the application



    20% discount:

    In case you pay the full amount within a month from the start of the application call in addition to meeting one of the criteria for the 10% discount (example: paying the full amount within a month + having two siblings in the same camp). Camp fees can be paid by monthly instalments until June without any interest rates.

    On Payments by Installments:

    -Campers fees can be paid by installments starting May 2019 and up to 18 July 2019 in four separate payments, provided that the full amount is paid by 18 July, 2019. There will be no interest charge for the installment system.

    The ratio of the participants according to payments:

    • 30% of the participants pay the full amount of the fees.
    • 26% of the participants take half a scholarship.
    • 24% of the participants take a partial scholarship.
    • 20% of the participants take a full scholarship.



     Type of Subscription  Subscription fees
    From outside of Egypt From inside Egypt
    Full amount 1300 USD not including the flight tickets 20,000 EGP
    Partial amount 1 - Half the amount 650 USD not including the flight tickets 10,000 EGP
    Partial amount - Quarter of the amount 325 USD not including the flight tickets 5,000 EGP


    • Full scholarships for participants from outside of Egypt including flight tickets.
    • Subscription fees for participants living inside Egypt depend on their interest and economic conditions.
    • The subscription fees include usage of the equipment (each camper will have her/his own computer to work on).
    • The fees cover accommodation, 3 meals and one snack daily, sightseeing trips, entertainment parties and sports and cultural activities.

    • About ADEC: A two-week summer camp that provides alternative education for Arab teens aged between 12 and 15 from different socioeconomic backgrounds venturing into voyages of self-expression and identity exploration through engaging art and technology with the culture of open source; empowering them to narrate their stories without boundaries.
    • About ADEF: A non-profit foundation was established in 2009 and licensed under the Egyptian Ministry of Social Solidarity. ADEF builds spaces, fosters environments for expression and learning, enhances skills and develops knowledge tools to support and empower teenagers and youth, groups or individuals, working on the ground to strengthen their practices and engagement with society.


    History of ADEC:

    Since 2007, Arab Digital Expression Camps - ADEC has grown and its impact deepened among teenagers and youth promoting ADEF values; free expression, critical thinking, communication and collaboration. More than 689 male and female teenagers from different socioeconomic backgrounds from 11 Arab countries have lived and benefited from ADEC experience, offering them a unique opportunity to discover their abilities and express themselves freely through arts and technology. The camp also contributes to building their personality by learning ethical values such as understanding what we have in common and celebrating our differences, critical thinking, practices in collaboration, leadership and teamwork.


    In addition to the campers, 300 trainers, from 16 different Arab countries aged 25-35 have trained at the camp, some of the renowned artists and techies with high profiles. Part of the camps becoming a meaningful experience is community participation in making it unfold and successfully happen, with the belief of the critical value of youth engagement.


    This project is considered to be a rich experience in learning and exchange of knowledge. The curriculum has been developed by artists and specialists in education, art, and technology from various Arab countries who share the principles of producing knowledge in Arabic and who believe in freedom of expression and freedom and access to knowledge. In our work, we believe in the right to knowledge, and for knowledge to be free and accessible without any limitations, where the internet plays a vital role. This is why we encourage participants in the camp on concepts and tools that promote exchanging and sharing open knowledge which enable them to think critically and empowers their ability to find resources and evaluate them themselves. Developing these skills and tools is one of our main pedagogical goals in the camps.



    Previous Supporters and Collaborators


    Accommodation and meals:


    The number of participants per room will be from 3-5 campers. We provide 3 meals a day in addition to juice and pastries snacks between workshop. The meals are designed to provide a balanced diet in both quality and quantity.




    All of our supervisors, trainers, and camp leaders are trained intensively on child safety. Our supervision is present at all times but without authority. Campers are not allowed to leave the camp’s location without enough supervision.




    There will be a highly-qualified nurse with us at the camp during the whole period, with an equipped clinic. There is also a reliable hospital 25 minutes away from the camp’s location (Mabaret Al-Asafra Hospital).


    Information you might need:

    • Part of our pedagogical vision is taking care of the physical health of the participants and their cognitive development, so we make sure that their days are balanced between art, movement and technology.
    • Coding will be a part of all the tracks, we also use open source software and adopt open licenses.



    For more information about camps or to support and contribute so we can cover all the scholarship needs, please contact our Admin Assistant Noha Fawzy at

    You can also calling us by phone from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm or from 4:00 pm to 6:00 pm Cairo time, or on Whatsapp, on +201007934354

    How to support us?

    For the tenth year in a row, ADEF camps have been sustainable through alternative and creative models of funding based on collaborations between funders, company sponsorships and individual contributions.

    ADEF main goal is to cover the participation of 35 underprivileged Arab youngsters (=60% from Campers total number) who will be selected with the help of our partner NGOs in the region whose mandate focuses on youth development, ICT, arts, and expression.

    The cost to fund one camper is $1,300 which covers: full board accommodation, education fees, computer lab facilities, video & sound equipment, scheduled trips, all sports, cultural activities and local transportation, excluding the plane tickets fees for participants from outside Egypt).

    Part of the camps becoming a meaningful experience is community participation in making it unfold and successfully happen, in belief of the critical value of youth engagement. Therefore, we cannot do this without the ongoing support of people like you who believe in building a foundation within our youth for a brighter future.

    To donate, send us an email :